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The test bank is one of the best yet ready-made testing sites where exams are taken online. It is a helping hand for the students who want to get good marks and maintain their grades. With the help of Mega Test Bank, students get support to perform well in their exams and stand first in all the competitions in their academic life. But as we know, if we use these test banks, it is considered academic dishonesty, but if they are used only for study purposes, if you want to study more in less time, then it is not considered a crime.  

Mega Test Bank

In Mega Test Bank, the students are provided with a questionnaire based on objective questions so that they can easily attempt their exams. The main motive of these questions is that the students can quickly realize and illustrate that they have absorbed all the material well. 

Types of questions

The test bank includes the questions based on Multiple Choice Questions, Match the correct answer, Fill in the blanks, and True and False, Essay based questions. In the exams, some questions are repeated, and some of the questions are included that were not included earlier. 

Questions included in the test bank

There are 100 questions included in a test bank, and these questions are general-based questions that are divided into three categories;

  1. Reasoning Ability: this section is based on 35 objective-based questions.
  2. English language: This section is based on 30 questions that the students create.

3.  Quantitative Aptitude: This section consists of 35 objective questions.

Test bank, Anonymous

The major drawback of the test bank is that it comes up as anonymous. But over time, students have come to know about the latest tricks by which they can quickly get access. 

Can I get caught while using test banks?

Probably the answer to this question is yes. But now, the publishers ensure that the students using these test banks use them within limits.

 Who else uses the test bank?

The question which might pop up in the minds of many students is that other than students, who else uses the test bank? The answer to this question is that the professors use test banks to adapt the textbook in the classroom, and the publisher provides them with a supplement and the test bank copyrights. Due to many reasons, the professors now rely on these test banks that help them take exams.  


Undoubtedly, students are investing their time and energy in studying with the burden of home assignments and exams which affect their personality a lot. With the help of test banks, students can score good marks. One of the biggest advantages of Mega test banks is that it helps students to be mentally fit and strong so they can focus on their studies and perform well in the exams. Some of the most important advantages are discussed below. 

  • You can have online access.
  • It is available at affordable prices. 
  • You can quickly get to know what you are finding.
  • The best tip while using the test bank is that you can easily hunt the questions together.

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  What is a Solution Manual?

A solution manual is a booklet or catalog that helps to figure out and describes the solution for the chain of questions. The printed solution manuals also offer well-defined advantages over digital options. They are authored and published at the same time by the same professors who have written the textbooks. That is why the solution manuals are faultless. 

Solution manuals are helpful

Though solution manuals are not very helpful, they only help you provide the answer. Not only this, it allows you to answer the question. Solution manuals are also beneficial while asking how to find the answers. Else only giving the answers are not good enough.

   Solution manuals give offers

The solution manuals offer distinctive and well-defined options that embrace the edge of being the writer. It also helps to prepare the same solution manuals prepared in the textbooks. 

Availability of solution manuals

The solution manuals are available free of cost and can easily be obtained from the publishing site. They are easy to acquire and can be downloaded from many websites. Students can also find them on Google. 

 Advantages of Solution Manuals

  • These can be automated and streamed online.
  • Effective and improve over time.
  • It gives out motivation, and students can focus more on their studies.
  • Solution manuals are trustworthy.

Test banks and Solution Manuals | Difference Between the 2

The test bank consists of practice questions that are primarily included in exams. On the other hand, the solution bank only provides the answers to the problems from the textbook’s practice and their cases.

Categories of test bank at Mega Test Bank

The categories that will be available at the Mega Test Bank are:

  1. Biological test bank

It is one of the best test banks for everyone who wants to achieve the position in their exams. This test bank has around 190 questions that are based on MCQs. 

  1. Pharmacology test bank

It is a study of biochemical and physiological characteristics of drug life. The questions of this specific subject bound the sources’ uses of the drugs and the chemical properties.

  1. Medical assistant test bank

This category is based on three different categories—the general category, which is based on medical terminology, psychology, and medical ethics. The next type is clinical, which is about physiology, anatomy, and other relevant topics. Lastly, the administrative class consists of medical reception, scheduling, and business practice. 

  1. Nursing test bank

The oldest test bank, which consists of 6500 questions, helps cover a wide range of nursing topics.

  1. Social science test bank

The branch of academic study or science helps deal with human behavior.

  1. Nutrition test bank

With the help of a nutrition test bank, we can study the macronutrients and the micronutrients in the blood.

  1. Pathophysiology Test Bank

It is a combination of pathology and physiology associated with the applicable charges linked with the functional changes that are connected and result in diseases or injury. 

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